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For the last little while I have been working on a new project to help me improve my current skill base, and to have something nice to show off. So what is this project? Making a graphics engine.

This project is being made in DirectX9. DX9 is getting a little outdated, it is still commonly used. With what I learn during this development I can take in with me when I port the engine to work with DirectX 10 and 11.

So what am I wanting to have in this engine? Here is a short list:

  • Model Loading (object based system)
  • Camera System
  • Physics
  • Lights
  • Skydome
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Environment effects (particles)
  • Shadow Mapping
  • Audio
  • HDR Lighting

All of this should result in a nice looking interior effects. For instance, a cave or a building. For this, a good friend of mine, Marc Cameron, has done me favor and taken the time to create for me a good looking 3D building I can play about with.

I’ve been working on this now for roughly a month, and a good portion of the basic systems are now in place. Here is a short video of what I have:

The video is slightly dodgy, for that I apologize. I’ll working on making a better one soon. But what is in the video?

The engine consists of the following:

  • Model Loading (object based system)
  • Camera System
  • Audio
  • Skydome

So a good wee chunk of stuff done. Enough to play with at least. There is one thing to note. So far, my model system can only load in .X models, and the model Marc created for me is a .fbx. This does mean I will have to go back and make it so that my engine can load both .X models and .FBX models. Should be fun.


Finished Uni

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Finally, I have now completed my university education. What it more shocking is that I managed to gain a 2:1 degree out of this. Honestly, I was expecting a 2:2 but it’s amazing what can be done when you simply push yourself. This does mean that I will need to update my C.V a little, but it’s nothing too taxing really.

So now that I’m officially an adult *gasp* what am I going to next? is the question I’m constantly asking myself. Well that’s simple; continue to work on my portfolio and up my skills.

Due to the requirements of my final year of university, I wasn’t able to program as much as I would have liked. I even feel that what little knowledge I have gained has now gone by the way side. So, to correct that, I’m planning on spending the next couple of months making a short 3D demo scene. This scene shouldn’t be anything too taxing, but will aim to get me back into the swing of things programming wise. It’ll also be a chance for my to really try somethings I’ve been wanting to try for a while but not had the time to.

This demo will be created in DirectX 10 and will make use of Frank Luna’s book on the subject found at the following:

I shall be using his base application as the starting point for my demo. I honestly do not see the point in re-inventing the wheel when it comes to the initialization of DirectX and Frank describes his process and thought patterns well in the accompanying book. As well as using Franks code and book, my old lecturer is willing to help me out should I run into problem areas as well as giving me additional information on certain subjects should I not already know them.

I plan on charting the progress of this demo by taking short fraps video’s and posting them up here as well as explaining my thought processes that I have during development. Also, I enjoying seeing how people go through their projects from start to finish. Maybe someone else will get some enjoyment out of what I plan to do here.

Now that I’ve decided upon what it is I want to do, the only real thing left to do is start the damn thing. I have DirectX set up with a nice FPS counter and times per frame counter, the next stage is loading in 3D models. Wish me luck.