This project was created as part of my second year module; IP2. This required that I work as part of a team of 1 other programmer and between 2-3 designers. The idea of the game had to come from the book Sum just as long as it was a platformer.

This game was developed in Microsoft’s XNA 3.1 framework and utilized C# as the programming. My duties and responsibilites included the following:

  • Allowing level designs to be implemented via an external text file
  • GUI layout
  • Level progression
  • Implementing audio assets
  • Gamestate Management
  • Implementing the Farseer Physics Engine
  • Creating the control system
Please note, this was one of my earliest games that I was apart of as a programmer so the programming behind it is not as efficient as it could, or should be. I plan on re-working this game so that all of the code powering the game is refactored and more optimized than it currently stands.

The game, as it stands, can be downloaded from here.


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