Hardcore Sinkopation

This game was made in the 2010 Scottish Game Jam. The theme for that year was deception but with some added constraints of that it must contain either a sink, wink or a rink. For the constraint we decided to use it in the form a pun. Though to cover our tracks we also added in a sink in some of the artwork.

With the theme we wanted to the game to be the one that deceives you. It starts off a simple avoid / collect the falling objects, but as you progress, not all of the falling objects stay in their original position. As well as some other surprises that appear during the game play. This game placed 3rd overall at the event as well. It was also created in XNA.

My responsibilities included:

  • Creating the score system
  • GUI
To download the project click here.
If you cannot run the project, below is a short video of the game in action as well as a few still images.


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