Game Jams

In here you will find all of the games I helped to create during the Scottish Game Jam. For those of you who don’t know, the Scottish Game Jam is a 48 hour game development challenge where like minded people turn up and create a game over the course of one weekend to a set theme.

Each of the games presented here is the final submission made after the contest ended. As a result there may still be a few residing bugs / performance issues associated with each project.

Taffy’s Sweet Bunny Dream

An autorun game created during the 2012 Scottish Game Jam. Again, this game was made using Unity in a team consisting of 9 members ranging from designers, audio, 3D & 2D artists.

Unending Wave

My second time at the Scottish Game Jam. This was also my first time using Unity 3D as a development tool.


A casual “avoid/collect the falling objects” game created during my first time at the Scottish Game Jam. This game was created using XNA in a team of 5.


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