Game Update #1

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Since the last update I have done a bit more in the C++ side of things. Still don’t have FBX models loading, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. 

To stop myself getting completely annoyed and dejected with that project however, I have also began work on a small diablo style game in Unity. I was a major fan of Diablo 2 when I was younger (loved my Druid!) and was deeply, deeply upset by the complete shamble that is Diablo 3. 

So to alight myself of the anger I feel when I play the lie that is Diablo 3, I’m working on my own similar game. There is no way my game will be to the level or scope that is Diablo 3 as I’m the only sole developer working on this title and I’m only aiming to get a a few quests and a boss done.

There are a areas I want to focus on for this game that has drawn me into making this game. Firstly, I want to try and create a character selection process. Again, like where Diablo 3 gives you the choice of characters to choose from, I want to make something similar. I’ve never done that before so it’ll be a good learning curve for me to overcome. 

I only just started this project yesterday and so far only have a few hours dev time into it and I’m working on the basics first. So far I’ve got point and click movement done. A reasonable looking follow camera that focus’s on the player and basic animation cycles done that trigger when you click on the ground. Nothing really ground breaking yet.

Still, I did take a few screen snips for you to look at:




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