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Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


The aim of this website is for it to be used as my combined blog and portfolio. In this, I will discuss about my current projects that I’m working on as well as showcase any particular programming techniques I have learned and show case them in a tutorial for someone else to learn as I have.

Really, I wish to simply give back to the industry that has given me a lot. Pay it forward and all that.

Also within this website you will find a selection of my previous projects including screenshots, videos and source code. This is here, mainly, potential employers looking to see what I can do. If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog / portfolio website through Google or other means, please free to download the code presented here as you wish. Learn from it if you will.

Please note I have no authorization over the artwork / assets used in any of the projects. Being mainly learning experiences, they were for private use and for showcasing what I can do. So with that, please replace all content in the demo’s with your own. Least the original owner discovers it and decides to sue.

Website is still pretty barren right now, but give me a couple of days and I will have this populated with all of my projects.

Until then.